Uno Deluxe

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The Uno Deluxe adjustable base created by Magniflex is a product of a German engineering and has been designed to provide our customers with the highest level of well-being and state-of-the-art technology, starting from the bed base, with many benefits designed for you. A lifting mechanism to separately adjust the height of the head and the legs, a night light, a massaging and anti-snoring function, pre-configurable settings and zero gravity.


In the heart of the pillow

  1. Supporting frame

    The adjustable base comes with a number of features designed to provide you with comfort when you sleep: an anti-snoring function, the option of reclining the upper part of the mattress to stop a person from snoring, a lifting mechanism to separately adjust the height of the head and legs, zero gravity to relieve muscular pressure, a night light, and a massaging function for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. The adjustable base also enables you to pre-configure a number of settings, such as:  zero gravity, anti-snoring, and flat function to restore the body to a flat position on the bed. These functions are already set by default and can be adjusted to suit your individual needs. The adjustable base for the king-size bed is available in two versions: with a single supporting frame or with two single supporting frames.

  2. Mattress retainers

    The retainers fitted at the bottom of the adjustable base keep the mattress from sliding when you adjust the height of the feet or head.

  3. Motor units

    The motor units enable can easily lift up to 598 kg and have either 2 or 4 motors, depending on the size of the adjustable base. The motors allow you to separately adjust the height of the head and legs.

  4. Perimeter structure

    The adjustable base consists of a tubular steel frame upholstered and padded with fabric. The height of the frame is 24 cm.

  5. Support legs

    The single version is supported by 6 legs, while the double version by 12 legs each 14 cm high.

Uno Deluxe Layer