Memorabile 10

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Memorabile 10 of the Memorabile collection, with the massaging effect provided by the inner layer, offers ideal support to the different parts of the body. A pleasant and customized comfort in 25 cm of height.



In the heart of the mattress

  1. Cover

    The mattress’s viscose cover, which is removable and washable, makes it soft and silky to the touch and is more effective at dissipating sweat, favoring breathability.

  2. Padding

    The Memoform padding adapts perfectly to the body’s shape, giving a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation. The hypoallergenic fiber provides extra comfort all night long.

  3. Base layer and comfort level

    The special massaging effect created by the layer in Eliosoft (5 cm) offers differentiated support for the five main parts of the body, favoring microcirculation and exerting a constant massage during rest, giving a feeling of well-being and comfort throughout the night.

  4. Base layer

    The layer in Elioform (16 cm), thanks to its microcellular, high-density foam structure, provides a sturdier orthopedic support to the spine.

Memorabile 10 Layer