Magnigel Dual 9 Firm

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The New Magnigel Dual 9 Firm of the Magnigel collection offers an unparalleled sensation of freshness, thanks to the innovative breathable Magnigel Foam, which favours air circulation and maintains a constant microclimate between the body and the mattress. In addition, thanks to the Dual Core technology, it ensures the perfect comfort for the couple who have different needs when it comes to the type of support they need for their body. Exceptional comfort and medium support in 23 cm of height.



In the heart of the mattress

  1. Cover

    The viscose cover, soft and breathable, makes the mattress soft and silky to the touch and is more effective at dissipating sweat, favoring perspiration. Fully removable and washable, to always ensure a high level of hygiene.

  2. Padding

    The padding is made up of the innovative Magnigel Foam, a material whose properties increase breathability and flexibility for a fresh feeling throughout the night. The quilted lining in Memoform, along with the padding in Super Soft fiber, offers added comfort, perfectly adapting to anybody built.

  3. Comfort level

    The Dual Core technology makes it possible to receive a different degree of comfort, simply by flipping the cores of the mattress. The “Medium Firm” side for a fresh, cozy, and anatomical comfort, thanks to the combined layers in Magnigel Foam (1 cm) and Memoform (2 cm), and the “Firm” side for sturdier support, thanks to the layer in Elioform.

  4. Baselayer

    The layer in Elioform (15 cm), owing to its microcellular, high-density foam structure provides sturdier orthopedic support to the spine.

Ricordo 10 Layer

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