Magnigel Dual 9 Firm


23 cm



Comfort Level

Firm/ Medium firm

  • Magnigel Dual 9 Firm

    The New Magnigel Dual 9 Firm of the Magnigel collection offers an unparalleled sensation of freshness, thanks to the innovative breathable Magnigel Foam, which favours air circulation and maintains a constant microclimate between the body and the mattress. In addition, thanks to the Dual Core technology, it ensures the perfect comfort for the couple who have different needs when it comes to the type of support they need for their body. Exceptional comfort and medium support in 23 cm of height.


The comfort is in the microclimate

A line that offers all the benefits you have always dreamed of: lightness, freshness and support. Sleeping on a Magnigel mattress is a subtle pleasure, which satisfies your body and relaxes your mind.

Relaxation is even lighter

Magnigel Foam is an innovative material, made up of a highly breathable and flexible gel that gives freshness and softness to the mattress. Thanks to the combination of this material with Memoform, the easily adjusts to your body shape, and to the combination of the internal layers in Eliosoft or Elioform, these mattresses are real oasis of comfort. The easily removable cover in Viscose can be dry cleaned for your convenience.

Two hearts, two comforts

The mattresses of Magnigel line ensure an optimal rest, even when two people sleep together. With the Dual Core technology, the partners can choose comfort that suits their needs best.